January 2013

Sydney McMath

sydney mcmath performingSydney McMath wears many passionate hats. She came to the upstate several years ago to study Art at Converse College. Although she still paints, she commits the majority of her time to music. However, being a devoted animal lover, she still finds a way to dedicate time to the rescue and rehab of animals. To say she is gifted (and super busy), is simply an understatement. Her voice has been described as "ethereal: a step above heavenly" (Chris Kerley of Big Folk) and "a beautifully refined instrument." She is definitely not your average singer-songwriter. At her studio, located in the West Main Artists Co-Op, she teaches private piano and voice lessons, and is a Contemporary Worship Leader at the United Methodist Church of the Covenant. The artist, presently known as Reverend Syd, plays piano and sings in her own band, Rev. Syd and the Homewreckers.

"Me and Syd have been playing music for about a year now. She is a very talented artist, a great   person and a good friend. Syd is a hardworking, motivating go getter and represents herself like a pro. We've been very successful since we've teamed up together! If you haven't heard her do her thing, you need to. She is one of the most talented musicians I have had the pleasure to play with."

Sean Cronin - Friend and band mate

The band plays all over the upstate, performing a wide range of comfortingly familiar covers, adding special touches and making each song their own.

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The Twisted Trio

twisted trio carolina mixerGreenville's own The Twisted Trio performed at the Phoenix Racing shop in Spartanburg as part of the celebration of the opening of the NASCAR season. The event, put on by Guy Roofing, sponsor of both the #51 Sprint Cup car and #1 Nationwide car for the events at Daytona this year, was a blast, and the band kept the crowd rocking!

The Twisted Trio are:
Jason Taylor
Todd King
Samuel Sprinkle

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Bon Yard

By April Britt-Kelly

Bon Yard 2Bon Yard 01
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I met these young men on the deck of "Liberty of the Seas" during the Rock Legends Cruise II. They were kind enough to hang out with me for a while, as my hubby was filming a show at the other end of the ship. I'd like to think they considered me a pretty cool, "older" chick, instead of thinking they were feeling sorry for me because I was alone at the time. So, until I hear different, I'm going with the "pretty cool, older chick" theory …just so you know.

Harley 18, Elijah 15 and Stephen 17 live in Florida, have their own rock band called "Bon Yard" and seemed super wise for their ages. We talked about music, among other things, and, to my delight, they were well versed in, and had great passion for the topic.

The short time spent with these three was a fun part of my day. It must have been, at least, an okay part of their day as well. I received an email from them yesterday. The part of the email I loved most was this …"We (the band) thought one of us should email you to say hey". The "one of us" was Elijah. (Thanks Elijah!) They, (the band), sure knew how to make a pretty cool, older chick's, day.

My hopes for my three new friends are …that they stay as kind and curious as I remember them. I hope they find beauty even in the ugliest of days and they never let anyone destroy their dreams nor their inner peace. And, I hope they are always moved by the sweet sounds of music. Play on, my friends …you guys ROCK!

Check out these future stars on Facebook - Click HERE!

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Artimus Pyle Band with Bob Burns - Sweet Home Alabama

artimus pyle band 300What happens when you have 2 drummers from the same band in the same room? Of course, one of them has to take over lead vocals!

Bob Burns, the original drummer for Lynyrd Skynyrd, came in for a rehearsal of The Artimus Pyle Band for the 2013 Rock Legends Cruise, where he will be joining the band for portions of their shows. Since Bob originally played Sweet Home Alabama, Artimus (The 2nd drummer for Lynyrd Skynyrd) decided he could take on a new role in the band for some fun.

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Seven Handle Circus

seven handle circusSeven Handle Circus performs at Albino Skunk Music Festival. Photo courtesy of Mother Shutter PhotographyIf you've haven't seen or heard Atlanta based band, "Seven Handle Circus", then it is high time that you grab some friends, load up the  party-mobile, and head to their next show. Their music, unofficially dubbed "Bad Ass Bluegrass", takes traditional instruments, throws in rock, funk, and soul, and injects it with a whole lot of attitude that makes crowds get on their feet and party. Carolina Mixer recently had the opportunity to dig a little deeper into the bands story with members Shawn Spencer, Colin Vinson, Jeff Harrison, and Richard Burroughs. Much like the band's shows, it was an adventurous ride. The resulting tales may or may not be true, but they are definitely entertaining…

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