Richie Tipton - In The Studio

Richie Tipton Recording at County Line StudiosWe went behind the scenes at a recent recording session at County Line Studio in Chesnee, SC. Richie Tipton was in the process of recording tracks for his upcoming album at the studio, owned by musician and producer Matthew Knights.

The photos and video below give a little insight into what goes on in pulling together all the pieces for a song, from musicians to the mix. On the featured song, "White Man On My Trail", Richie is accompanied by:

Brad Durden - Keyboards
Brandon Turner - Guitar
Don McGraw - Bass
Kevin Heuer - Drums

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Sol Driven Train

sol driven train carolina mixerSince the Spring of 2000, Charleston band Sol Driven Train has been entertaining crowds with their mixture of horns, percussion, guitar, and multiple vocalists. Their reputation is built upon their ability to entertain in a live setting - the reason why they have won multiple awards, including being named the 2011 "Rock Band Of The Year" by the Charleston City Paper. If you haven't heard their music, you can check out their CDs online.

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A Conversation With Eric Britt

The Journey to Greener Pastures

eric britt carolina mixer 003 tsPhotographing musicians comes with many perks. Music playing in the background, as I work, is one of the best. Another favorite perquisite of my job is meeting, and often becoming friends with the musicians I shoot. To my delight, there have been many.

Most of the artists I've had the privilege and pleasure of meeting are super talented and deserve recognition as being so. Then, there are a handful of artists who stand out to the point that you wonder why the hell they're not on the "big stage." I have been fortunate enough to encounter a few of these virtuosos. One, in particular, is Eric Britt.

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Ike’s Korner Grill - Home of the Challenge Burger

ikes korner grill spartanburg scEvery small town has a place to gather for good food, conversation and spirits. In historical Spartanburg, South Carolina that place is Ike's Korner Grill, located in the heart of Beaumont Mills. The family owned restaurant has been in the family for three generations now. I can recall being a young one and going to Ike's with my grandfather back in the day and after a visit recently, the place hasn't changed it's great friendly service or its burgers.

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