Lake Street Dive Rocks It Live At The Skunk Farm

lake street dive live at albino skunkfestFrom the moment that Lake Street Dive started setting up on stage at the Albino Skunk Music Festival, I knew there was something special about this band. How often is the drummer set up at the front of the stage with the rest of the band when you see a show?

As the band launched into their set, I immediately realized that I was watching and listening to an incredible band, and was in for a great musical experience. The group, based in New York, is made up of musicians from across the country that met when they were all students at The New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA. Singer Rachel Price hails from Tennessee, Drummer Mike Calabrese from Philly, Bassist Bridget Kearney from Iowa, and guitarist/trumpet player Mike "McDuck" Olson from Minneapolis MN. Their influences and talent gratefully merged in Boston, as they absolutely kick butt on the stage.

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Darius Rucker at Charter Amphitheater

South Carolina's own Darius Rucker rolled into the Charter Amphitheater in Simpsonville, South Carolina on Friday, May 31st in support of his new album, "True Believers".

darius rucker carolina mixer tsDarius, originally famous for being lead singer of the band Hootie and the Blowfish, has expanded his pop roots and branched into the country for recent solo albums. With "True Believers", his third solo album, he has created a blend of songs written and sung by him, collaborations with others, and covers, including the current number 1 country hit "Wagon Wheel", originally written by Bob Dylan and adapted further by the Old Crow Medicine Show.

To call the response of fans in attending Friday's concert is an understatement, as Darius set the new attendance record for the venue, beating the original record set by the Zac Brown Band by over 4000 attendees. 12,000 fans purchased tickets to cheer for Darius and enjoy his unique voice and sing along friendly lyrics.

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An Interview With Musician Sean Cronin


The name "Sean" is the Irish version of the name John, a Hebrew name meaning "God is gracious; gift from God." Outside of Ireland, the usage of the name Sean only began in the twentieth century.

So, why am I writing about the name "Sean"? Well, the answer to that question is three fold. First, it is the name we gave our youngest son, after many months of searching for the perfect name. He is indeed, a gift from God. Another reason is that you probably didn't know about the name’s origin or meaning (unless you have a Sean of your own). So, I thought I’d share that tidbit of information. One can never have too much knowledge about anything, right? You’re welcome! Lastly, but by no means least, Sean happens to be the name of one of my favorite musicians/party pals/all around good dudes and he is the subject of the following interview.

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Bon Yard: "Our Special Day with 38 Special"


Our young rocker friends from the band Bon Yard, Elijah and Stephen Rowe, received a very amazing and unexpected email recently. The email was from 38 Special Tour Manager, Mark Rogers, and read as follows:

"Hello to my favorite Rock Stars, Just wanted to let you know that 38 Special is playing in Valdosta, Georgia on Saturday, March 16, 2013 at Wild Adventures Amusement Park. I am not sure how far away from you that is, BUT, if you can make it, let me know and I will leave you free tickets to the park and our concert at the ticket office."

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Mic Harrison & The High Score Live at The Skunk Farm

mic harrison live at albino skunfestAs the sun set on Friday, the first day of the Spring 2013 Albino Skunk Music Festival, our video and photo crew (See photos and videos below) had already shot a variety of talented artists, all of which were in the Bluegrass/Country area (The original music that the festival was built on). We had been brought in by Zig, the founder of the festival, to film some of each set, and to also cover the fun event for Carolina Mixer. So as the next band set up, I didn’t pay much attention to them. We took a break, headed backstage to grab a cold drink, and chat with our friends that we had made so far, planning to head back to our cameras after the band had a chance to warm up with a couple of songs.

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Sean Cronin Sings "Soulshine" Live at House Divided

sean cronin carolina mixer soulshineSouth Carolina Guitarist/Rocker/Bluesman/Singer/Songwriter Sean Cronin entertained the crowd at House Divided in Greenville, SC recently with his talent. Sean plays with several bands in addition to his solo work, and you can usually catch him at some venue performing several nights a week. Read more to check out video and photos of Sean.

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Scott "T.A.B.A." Ward writes The Thru-hiker's Manual for the Palmetto of South Carolina


I've been everywhere, man.
I've been everywhere, man.
Crossed the deserts bare, man.
I've breathed the mountain air, man.
Of travel I've had my share, man.
I've been everywhere.

The lyrics above are from a classic public domain song entitled "I've Been Everywhere" and a story of a man's worldly travels where he mentions the towns in which he has traveled. Scott Ward, I am quite sure, has been to every one of the places that the song mentions, at least twice.

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