Bon Yard: "Our Special Day with 38 Special"


Our young rocker friends from the band Bon Yard, Elijah and Stephen Rowe, received a very amazing and unexpected email recently. The email was from 38 Special Tour Manager, Mark Rogers, and read as follows:

"Hello to my favorite Rock Stars, Just wanted to let you know that 38 Special is playing in Valdosta, Georgia on Saturday, March 16, 2013 at Wild Adventures Amusement Park. I am not sure how far away from you that is, BUT, if you can make it, let me know and I will leave you free tickets to the park and our concert at the ticket office."

Needless to say, the guys were thrilled. They replied to Mark’s email, letting him know they would be able to attend. Here is Stephen and Elijah’s take, on their awe-inspiring experience with 38 Special:

"After the drive to Valdosta we received the tickets at the ticket booth for the park, concert, and meet and greet with the band. Before the concert we explored the park and rode some rides. We arrived at the stage area, while Mark and roadies were setting up the band’s equipment. Mark brought us in the area before it was open to ticket purchasers. Mark gave us a tour of the stage, including back stage. After the sound check, Mark let Stephen and me on 38 Special’s equipment. Stephen played Don Barnes guitar and I played Gary Moffat’s drum set. Together we played "Summer of 69" by Bryan Adams.

After sound check we rode some more rides, until it was time for the meet and greet. At the meet and greet the band recognized Stephen and I from the Rock Legends Cruise. We were able to exchange a few quick words before we had a picture taken of us with the band. Later after the meet and greet the concert was about to start. On our way to our seats Mark gave us four 38 Special T-shirts for Stephen, my Mom, my Dad, and I. Mark said to meet him at the shirt booth after, so he could get a shirt for the little guy (Jake, our younger brother). Not long after we found our seats 38 Special hit the stage. They were amazing!!

Afterwards we met Mark at the shirt booth. Mark got a 38 Special T-shirt for Jake, and another two for both Stephen and I. We expressed our gratitude to Mark and gave him many thanks. At this time we departed and headed for the car. On the car ride home we talked about the amazing experience.

We later found out that Mark’s interest in encouraging young people to hold on to their dreams and aspirations extended beyond us. Courtni Meadows, the apprentice photographer from the Rock Legends Cruise, told us that she had received a photographer’s pass from Mark for a 38 Special concert in Biloxi, MS. We e-mailed Mark a thank you and let him know that our family officially voted him the coolest dude in Rock-n-Roll!

Elijah emailed us a few days later with a special request. He asked us to "Make sure to say that we give a big thanks to Mark Rogers (38 Special's Tour Manager)."

So, Mark Rogers (a.k.a. - the coolest dude in Rock-n-Roll), on behalf of Elijah, Stephen, Jake, Randy, Tamara and myself, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, generosity and all around awesomeness. The world definitely needs more folks like you. YOU ROCK!!!

Check back frequently for updates on these exceptional young musicians.


Courtesy of Bon Yard

BON YARD cover of "Summer of '69" (Bryan Adams)

Courtesy of Bon Yard

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