David Ezell

David EzellDavid Ezell has been performing music in the Carolinas, from Spartanburg to the coast, for three decades. He has performed both as a solo artist and with several different groups, including Toy and Tommy Caldwell, prior to their forming Marshall Tucker Band. Comfortable playing other artists’ songs, as well as his own originals, David’s laid back style has tinges of multiple musical influences. Listening, you can hear folk, country, 70’s rock, and a few other flavors all mixed in to create a sound unique to David.

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The Antibodies

Since 1995, The Antibodies have been rocking the Carolinas with their unique style of music. Surf punk meets B-52s meets classic Rock N Roll is the best term I can find to describe it. No matter how you describe it, their music and performances make for one fun night when they take the stage.

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The China Bulls

NOTE: This page on Carolina Mixer began as a showcase of a fun and cool band, The China Bulls. We would like to go beyond that and pay tribute to their bass player, Bryan Teague, who passed away suddenly on December 8th, 2012. Bryan was a friend of the Carolina Mixer staff, and a truly great human being. He is by far one of the nicest people that we have ever met. Always kind and considerate, and always willing to help out in any way that he could. His love of music radiated from him, inspiring everyone that he joined on stage. His support of the local Carolina music scene also set Bryan apart. He will truly be missed by everyone that encountered him. RIP, Mr. Teague. You were one of a kind...

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Captain & Maybelle - Human Blockhead and Lifting

Captain & Maybelle

Captain and Maybelle recently sat down with us to talk about their skills and show, and then showcased their talents by performing the Human Blockhead stunt, as well as their abilities to lift items using a variety of piercings. As you can see in the videos (below the photos), their talent as entertainers is just as good as their talents performing stunts.

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The Who

The Who LIVE

Bi-Lo Center, Greenville, SC - 8.11.12

By Kevin Heuer

Yes, I wrote the date in the British manner. After such a show of Visual images that included the story of Jimmy (Quadrophenia), and different images through the history of The Who, I'm feeling a tad British this morning. The playing of Quadrophenia last night was all things, subdued and rocking w/ no traces of being Bombastic. It was 'Storytellers' at it's best.

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