The Who

The Who LIVE

Bi-Lo Center, Greenville, SC - 8.11.12

By Kevin Heuer

Yes, I wrote the date in the British manner. After such a show of Visual images that included the story of Jimmy (Quadrophenia), and different images through the history of The Who, I'm feeling a tad British this morning. The playing of Quadrophenia last night was all things, subdued and rocking w/ no traces of being Bombastic. It was 'Storytellers' at it's best.


The sound at the Bi-Lo Center was quite good. A friend of mine said, "It could have been louder!" Don't hear that very often, now, does one? All the nuances translated pretty well for playing rock music in a hockey arena.

The encore 'greatest hits' segment was what the crowd wanted. (Those in the know were worried about Pete being in a sour mood and possibly walking off stage, cutting the encores short...

It didn't happen.

Pete and Roger and the band seemed to be in good spirits.) A little stale, but how much flag-waving and world-changing can these songs propel? The 'swing' song was Pinball Wizard. Other than that, it was the same as the Gwinnett Center.

The closing song was "Tea & Theatre" from the recent 'Endless Wire'. Somewhat autobiographical, it conjures up a sense of accomplishment, ease of mind, and the feeling of missing old friends (which were prominently displayed throughout). In fact, the intimacy of this song was amazing. My wife looked over to me and said, "It's as if we're seeing them in a club". Yep, Spot on, I'd say.

Photos by Mother Shutter Photography

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kevin heuer profile picKevin Heuer

Kevin has been a professional,international touring musician, a music teacher and a music aficionado for decades. He is born and raised in Buffalo, NY. (though had relocated to Greenville, SC at 15 yrs of age). Not where you might think one would learn about all things music. But, with a family that traveled on holidays to Canada quite often, and being exposed to all different sorts of musical styles, and a mother that encouraged his love of music, Kevin has indeed acquired a keen sense of modern music. Besides teaching drums, he performs locally w/ The Ragged Orchids, and is involved w/ playing music for local Theaters Companies. He still does the occasional travel or recording  gig, taking him to locations such as New York City, Philadelphia and even to Ontario, Canada.

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